🔃Bi-directional link

In order to create an on-chain representation of the Certificate, we need to create a bi-directional link between the redemption statement and the on-chain Certificate/NFT.

A bi-directional link works in the following manner:

  1. A Batch ID has to be created

    • A Batch ID is a randomly-generated 32 byte hex string

    • Example: 0x56d5600d015ffabf32a5a572635d4370e235fc9953e87d9e731e8de7300f4fc1

  2. We use the Batch ID to create the following redemption note that needs to be attached to the redemption statement (see below)

  3. Attach the redemption statement to the Batch by triggering an on-chain transaction. See: Setting the redemption statement

  4. Issue certificates from the redemption statement through the on-chain Batch. See: Issuance

Redemption note example

The certificates are redeemed for the purpose of tokenization and bridging to the Blockchain: Energy Web Chain with the Network ID 246.

The smart contract address is 0x2248a8E53c8cf533AEEf2369FfF9Dc8C036c8900 and the specific certificate batch ID is 795.

The bridging protocol used for tokenization is: ZeroLabs Renewable Energy Certificate Tokenization Protocol v1.0.0.

The certificates will be created as tokens of type ERC1888 - Topic: “1”.

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